Awareness Program for the Railway Police

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The railway police invited us to do a 3 days awareness program for their staff who were struggling with stress and work overload. The situation was leading them to seek refuge in alcohol and drugs, thus making their lives unmanageable. We covered various topics during the course of our 3 days interaction

Information was disseminated on topics like ‘how habits are formed’, ‘what are the warning sings’, ‘how addiction affects our social and economic status’, etc. Participants were then introduced to cognitive behavior therapies, stress management techniques, psychotherapies and Bach flower remedy.

Clinical psychologists Susmeeta Katarki and Pallavi Bhargude also acclimatised the participants with techniques that empower emotional well being. Dr. Amod Borkar a well known psychiatrists in the field of de-addiction spoke at lengths to participants about the bio-pscho-socio aspect of the disease of addiction. He also informed the participants about easy to do stress relieving techniques.

Dwijen Smart a reputed de-addiction counselor conducted intense session on behavior modification to help people suffering with the disease of addiction. He also educated the participants on developing coping skills and strengthening the support network. Mr. Dwijen Smart also acclimatised the participants with a conflict resolution module consisting of techniques like Transactional Analysis (TA).

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Snapshots first camp

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Vocational Training

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To help recovering addicts get gainful employment and enable them to support themselves and their families, Santulan runs free vocational training programs. Participants are taught skills like automobile repair, computer hardware repair, mobile phone repair, etc.

Participants interested in acquiring skills like ‘Spoken English’ or ‘Computer and Internet use’ are also given a platform for learning. We also try and arrange internship programs for people to upgrade their existing knowledge.

Mails us on for more information on the free vocational training program.


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Santulan was started by a team of recovering addicts with the help of psychiatrists and de-addiction counselors. We at Santulan believe that addiction is a treatable disease and with a little help from civil society we can get rid of this social evil. We have a threefold approach to tackle this disease.

  1. The first aspect of the treatment plan is a free 15 days detoxification program, wherein we manage withdrawals and other physical symptoms of the participants.
  2. The next step is 60-90 days of vocational training. In this period we arm the participants with skills which will provide them gainful employment.
  3.  The third step is to get the participants employment and make them self sufficient and responsible members of society.

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To affect change in society all you need is willingness, so come join us. To know more about de-addiction and the team Santulan contact Indrajit on +919766000779 or e-mail-